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July 20, 2011 - What is e-waste?
Algae bloom in Reflecting Pool, Washington, DC. 2007 Potomac River, Chesapeake Bay watershed. USEPA photo by Eric Vance
Debris dumped down a cliff onto gravel bank of Klamath River
December 4, 2012 Tank discovered between Loop Parkway and Point Lookout, Long Island, NY
August 7, Air sampling station, near Port Fourchon, La
EPA's response to the Enbridge oil spill
Worker tight - Enbridge Oil Spill pipeline removal 2
August 7, Cleaned boom ready for redeployment
Great Blue Heron
Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership launch at Atlanta's Carter Center
December 2, 2012 - EPA On-Scene Coordinator Michael Ferriola points out 'mystery tanks' at the Fresh Kills, Staten Island Collection Area
August 7, Nature and Industry in the Gulf
EPA Hosts Historic Meeting on Environmental Justice
EPA's response to the Enbridge oil spill
When you throw something away, where does it go?
EPA sampling operations
Students Testing Water on World Water Monitoring Day
Barnacle-covered Radiator
September 26, 2011 EPA tests water quality in Indian Creek, Kansas City, MO
November 10, 2012 EPA and Coast Guard Assess Sandy Damage
December 2, 2012 - EPA 'HazCatt' room at the Staten Island Collection Area
November 11, 2012 Preparing for Hudson River Flyover
Mudpuppy, EPA research vessel
EPA workers clean up residential mercury spill
Sailing in Bellingham Bay
December 3, 2012 – Large debris pile near to EPA’s ‘Household Hazardous Waste’ collection PAD
Extracting the Damaged Pipeline
April 22, 2013 - Mascot Screech welcomes EPA Acting Administrator Bob Perciasepe to Nationals Stadium
Duwamish Water Taxi
December 2, 2012 - Sea of tanks, collected following EPA's curbside Hazardous Waste pickup days
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