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Forest stand improvement involves cutting or killi
Tropical beach
Bighorn sheep
 Chesapeake Water Dog, Canus aquus Chesapeakii.  This dog is trained to search for submerged aquatic vegetation.
Illustration of a floral background
Goat landing on Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Goat landing on Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Visitors observe Nature Trail signs
Park (alternative version)
Park at the sea
Broad-banded copperhead
 The Snapping turtle, Chelydra serpentina, is easily confused with the alligator snapping turtle.  Considered ill-tempered, they feed on invertebrates, fish, reptiles, carrion, etc. and a surprising amount of vegetation.  These turtles trapped in the fres
Vegetation along the banks of the John Day River under cliffs near Bridge Creek.
Desert vegetation (palo verde in bloom)
Green plant
Longleaf pine on fire
Green leaves
Trumpeter Swans wintering on the Green River on Seedskadee NWR
270 098 001
 Vegetation including the ubiquitous palm trees of the tropical Pacific cover Palmyra Island and its associated offshore islets.
Riparian vegetation and juniper along John Day River with cliffs in the background.
Improving fire lines
American Bittern (Botaurus lentiginosus)
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