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Brian Diagram
Flying Butterfly Woman
Blank monitor
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The Seine River flows through Paris, the capital c
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Disabled veterans sports clinic begins in San Diego
Northern lights
Northern lights
Though magnified only 56x, this 2005 scanning elec
Though magnified only 56x, this 2005 scanning elec
This 1995 image depicted a visually-impaired man w
POW/MIA bracelet presented to family
This photograph depicted a superior view of a pote
Scientific Solar Calculator 1
Scientific Solar Calculator 2
This 1993 photograph depicted a number of tourists
Under this moderate magnification of 707x, this sc
Music visual effect
Depicted in this 2004 image was a wheelchair-seate
: This grandmother and her granddaughter were in a
Microwave Apparatus
This photograph showed Division of Creative Servic
At half the magnification as that of PHIL 9902, ma
At twice the magnification, i.e., 1200X, as that o
At a magnification of 302x, i.e., approximately fo
At the same magnification, i.e., 300X, as that of
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