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licensed practical nurse
Aboriginal education
100522 ATVI Graduation 061
Ms. Sherry Boger, General Manager of Intel Products Vietnam, addresses the awards ceremony
100522 ATVI Graduation 064
100522 ATVI Graduation 094
100522 ATVI Graduation 042
Refugee Women Work on Sewing Girl's School Uniforms
enrolled scrub nurse
100522 ATVI Graduation 122
HEEAP Partner, Cao Thang Technical College
HEEAP Partner, Cao Thang Technical College
Female Vocational Student Scholarship Ceremony
100522 ATVI Graduation 046
100522 ATVI Graduation 119
100522 ATVI Graduation 020
100522 ATVI Graduation 090
HEEAP Partner, Cao Thang Technical College
Aboriginal enrolled nurse
People Build “Save-80” Stoves
A Sudanese Refugee Cleans Her Produce
A Young Central African Refugee Recites a Lesson
Repairing Bikes, Fixing Futures
A Man Drives the Mobile O
Arts and Crafts Created By Refugees Are Displayed
Children Play Basketball
Three Sudanese Refugee Children Are Shown
A Chadian IDP Girl Fetches Water
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