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Most Popular Wadingbirds Public Domain Files:

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Brown Pelican, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
White Ibis, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
Roseate Spoonbills, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
great blue heron in the marsh
Tricolored Heron, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
Great Egret, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
Roseate spoonbills, Michael Rosenbaum by permission
White Pelican, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
snowy egrets show off....
Whooping Crane Chick
American White Pelican and White Ibis, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
yellow-crowned night heron ...
Anhinga, J.N. 'Ding' Darling NWR
Endangered Whooping Crane (Grus americana)
Whooping Crane Calling
Costumed Human
Adult Whooping Crane and Chick
green and copper faces...
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