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August 7, Air sampling station, near Port Fourchon, La
August 7, Cleaned boom ready for redeployment
August 7, Nature and Industry in the Gulf
August 7, Efforts to wash oiled sand continues
August 6, Used oil boom ready for washing
August 7, Observing the sand washing equipment
August 7, The importance of washing down
August 7, Attention grabbing safety sticker
August 6, Assembly line of oil waste
August 7, Carefully moving used oil boom for cleaning
August 7, A positive glimpse amid the recovery effort
August 7, Over 2.1 million feet of oil boom deployed
August 6, Documenting the waste staging areas
August 7, Oil collected into plastic bags is put into containers for landfill disposal
August 6, 'frack tanks' help oil and water separate
August 7, Used boom is washed and stacked for reuse
August 6, Loading oil waste containers for offsite disposal
August 7, Lines of roll off containers collect oil waste
August 7, Another view of the sand washing process
August 7, Waste containers lined to prevent leaks
August 6, Shrimp boats, outfitted with oil boom, line the docks near Leeville, La
August 7, Planks protect dunes and grasses from heavy equipment
August 7, Shrimp boats near Leeville, La outfitted with oil boom
August 7, Container waits near beach for oil waste
August 6, Ready for a new day's work
August 6, Private Vessel of Opportunity returns with oil waste collected offshore
August 7, Work crews toss bagged waste into bins
August 6, Taking note of oil waste containers
August 6, Inspecting waste containers
August 7, 2010 Morning waste site briefing
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