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Most Popular Waterfowl Public Domain Files:

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Shore of Audubon Lake
Waterfowl in wetlands
Audubon NWR Visitor Center and offices
USFWS Service Road
Trumpeter swan pair on Seedskadee National Wildlife Refuge 01
Where there's Smoke, there's Fire
Dusk at Sand Lake NWR
Sand Lake NWR sign
Lake Audubon
View from the auto tour route
Mallards at Sunset Sand Lake NWR 01
Close-up of Sand Lake sign
A Flock of Waterfowl Flying Above the Refuge buildings
Flock of birds
Marbled Godwit
Habitat in Cherokee County, Kansas
Audubon NWR sign at entrance
Audubon NWR
Landscape behind Audubon NWR visitor center
Scenery along the auto tour route
Binoculars for viewing wildlife
Green-winged teal male
2011 Greenwing Day - Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl ID session
This newly constructed wetland in Wicomico County,
This constructed wetland in Wicomico County, Maryl
Trap Shooting
A Brewer's Blackbird Perched in a Woody Bush
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