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Spot spraying problem weeds is the preferred metho
Bumblebee Butterfly Weed
Goat landing on Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Goat landing on Bozeman Fish Technology Center
Pollinator 2
465 018 003
Dandelion on black background
Uncle Sam Smokes and Votes
Singing Daisy
Trapped Tumbleweeds
110317 DM LSC 0119.jpg
KU cirsium arvense
If you build it, they will come
District Conservationist in Eastern New Mexico ins
The Winner - Joe-pye Weed
Warrior Care: Injured servicemembers go fishing
Close up of dandelion
110317 DM LSC 0209.jpg
Scotch (Scot's) Broom, a noxious weed, (Cytisus scoparius) along the Rogue River Drive at Shady Cove.
Deer weed (Acmispon glaber) closeup
057 002 001
Uploaded by request of Lenore McDonald

Taken in
 This tiny spiny puffer fish was caught in a neuston net tow.  Many juvenile fish  live in clumps of sargassum weed, a type of marine algae that lives its whole life floating at the oceans surface.
Goat landing on Bozeman Fish Technology Center
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