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Most Popular Whale Public Domain Files:

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Whale by Rones
Gentle giants of the sea
Sperm whale by Rones
Tubarão - Baleia - Shark
Sea Fantasy
 Killer whales
 Killer whale spy hopping
 Killer whale breaching
 Killer whale or Orca breaching.
Happy Blue Whale
Photo by Angela Grider. Whale Shark at the Georgia Aquarium in the Ocean Voyager tunnel.
moby dick
Photo of the Week - Humpback Whale (MA)
 A breaching humpback whale.
 Gray whale trapped in the ice in the Bering Sea. Joint American-Russian effort ultimately saved 2 out 3 trapped whales.
whale attack
Sea Fantasy
 Humpback whale breaching
 Pilot whale
 Killer whales
 Flukes of gray whale.  Note unique markings that help in identification of individual whales.
Photo by Angela Grider. Beluga whale at the Georgia Aquarium.
 Researcher Susan Chivers taking a tissue sample from a young gray whale stranded on the central California coast.  Tissue sample analysis provides valuable data about the life history of gray whales.
 Humpback whale breaching
 Northern right whale dolphin.  The lack of a dorsal fin makes identification of this species much easier.
 Pilot whales
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