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Under a relatively low magnification of 102x, this
Under a low magnification of only 59x, this scanni
Under a higher magnification of 236x, this scannin
Lions standing
Lion's look
Wild horses, Rock Springs Field Office.
South Steens Wild Horses await adoption at Burns Wild Horse Corrals, Oregon.
Woman in a Dress
This photograph depicts a white-footed mouse, Pero
clematis occidentalis
Under a relatively-high magnification of 943x, thi
Wild Bergamots
Lion licking paw
Cat portrait
Squirrel eating
 Ixtoc I oil spill.  This spill was caused by a blownout oil well.  The well ran wild for 9 months and spilled over 140 million gallons of oil into the Bay of Campeche.
Wild flowers
Giraffe's tongue
Wild horses, Rock Springs Field Office.
Wild horses, Rock Springs Field Office.
Wild horses, Rock Springs Field Office.
Wild horses fighting on the Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Range
Island Lady
This photomicrograph depicted a number of Gram-pos
Approximately a third of reported animal rabies is
Greylag goose
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