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Wild horses fighting on the Pryor Mountain National Wild Horse Range
Aster Conspicuus
This photograph depicts a white-footed mouse, Pero
GG rosa acicularis
Under a relatively-high magnification of 943x, thi
Ostrich clip art
black-tailed jackrabbit
Mallard - anas platyrhynchos
Duck mallard and greylag goose
Chincoteague NWR Steve Hillebrand USFWS
Bison Family on Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge
Cat portrait
Wild flowers
This photomicrograph depicted a number of Gram-pos
Giraffe's tongue
Wild horse and burro  Corral  roundup  WHB  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Wild horse roundup  Wild Horse and Burro Adoption Program  LSRD  Lower Snake River District
Wild horses.
Tiger cub cute
Wild Burro north of Artillery Peak in Alamo Herd Management Area
Colorful Pinto Wild Horses at Burns Wild Horse Corrals in South Steens Horse Management Area.
Wild horses running along the northern border of Donner and Blitzen WSA.  (WSA 2-85G)
Approximately a third of reported animal rabies is
South Steens Wild Horses await adoption at Burns Wild Horse Corrals, Oregon.
Woman in a Dress
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