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Most Popular Wildlandfire Public Domain Files:

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Improving fire lines
Burn boss
Firefighter with drip torch and hand tool
Refuge manager talks fire
Bombardier laden with hose
Pumpkin filling
Fire along swamp ditch
Sawyer swampers
Sawyers in the smoke
Smoky entrance
Bears at Lateral West Fire
Firing with drip torch
Firing in the swamp
Filming controlled burn at Patuxent National Research Refuge
Portable pumpkins
Burn over burn
Firing controlled burn
Smokin' peat
Roots exposed
Smoke on Lake Drummond horizon
Skunk, bake, pop!
Irene didn't put all the fire out
Structure protection Lake Drummond Reservation
Water show
Peat heat
Heavy equipment at Lateral West
Marshmaster drives along fire line
Controlled burn ignition
Sampling Smoke with NASA scientist
Smoldering peat fire
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