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Barn with maternity colony
Healthy little brown bats
Northern long-eared bat
Little brown bat
Healthy little brown bats
Healthy little brown bats
Interior of bunker before modifications
Northern long-eared bat with visible symptoms typical of WNS
healthy hibernating big brown bat
Bunkers at Aroostook NWR
Covered bridge bat site in Vermont
Little brown bat; close-up of nose with fungus, New York, Oct. 2008.
healthy hibernating big brown bat
The first cases of White-nose Syndrome in Alabama Found in Jackson County.
Researcher inspects gray bat for signs of WNS
Bat flying at entrance of cave
Biologist inspects bat wing
Biologists swab a northern long-eared bat with symptoms typical of WNS
Northern long-eared bat
Cluster of gray bats
Photo of the Week - Biologist holding a gray bat
Infected tri-colored bat in Alabama
BU technician inspects wing
Tri-colored bat with visible WNS symptom
Taking photo of bat wing
Little brown bat affected by White-nose Syndrome
From inside cave entrance
Tri-colored bat with visible symptoms of WNS from Chickamauga and Chattanooga National Military Park, Georgia
tri-colored bat with WNS
Northern long-eared bat with visible symptoms of WNS
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