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Mallard Nest
North Dakota Winter
Smooth Green Snake
Moakley Park, South Boston, MA 1973 and 2012
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
Immature Swainson's Hawk
Prairie Jewels
Pearce WPA - Bowdoin WMD
Cormorant Nest
Prescribed Fire
Aerial of McNeil Slough WPA
Rau WPA Prescribed Fire
Canada Geese
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire: Before and After
Pearce WPA - Bowdoin NWR
McNeil Slough WPA
Prairie Smoke
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
Knecht WPA Prescribed Fire
Common Goldeneye
Snowy Egret
Baltzer WPA Roots
Kannowski Rock
Bender WPA
Prairie Smoke
Gadwall Brood
Prairie hills
Lundgren WPA Prescribed Fire
The Closing Flag Ceremony
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