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Anatomy high-tech
Bone business
This 1961 plane film chest x-ray revealed the pres
Airmen have X-ray vision
362 027 001
This anteroposterior chest x-ray revealed right up
This anteroposterior chest x-ray revealed early le
This anteroposterior x-ray reveals a bilaterally p
This AP chest x-ray shows pneumonia of the left lo
This is an anteroposterior (AP) x-ray of a patient
164 011 001
396 107 001
Human anatomy
This anteroposterior x-ray reveals the resolution
A new leg to stand on
This 1961 plane film x-ray revealed an enlarged me
271 005 007
X-Ray Spex Specs Glasses
164 014 003
This x-ray depicts changes in the thoracic aorta i
Doctoring downrange
271 003 007
389 030 001
An anteroposterior chest x-ray of a plague patient
Human body with internal organs
This is a right lateral view chest x-ray depicting
271 002 007
Here a physician and nurse examine a tuberculosis
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