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This image depicts a male clinician in the process
Sig 001
This image depicts a female clinician in the proce
This 2006 image depicted a female Aedes aegypti mo
A mosquito biting a hand
Under a relatively low magnification of 217x, this
Sig 004
This micrograph of a fixed blood smear revealed a
The woman pictured here, was checking her blood gl
This dish was made using ingredients that are low-
stop rx abuse-preview small
water drop 1
Under a low magnification of 49x, this 2005 scanni
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
A girl performing a glucose test
Skull, Gun, Sword and Blood
This 1977 photograph depicted a Petri dish with St
This trichrome-stained photomicrograph revealed a
This micrograph of the bacterium Clostridium diffi
This image reveals a blood droplet atop the left t
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This 2006 photograph depicted an anterosuperior vi
This 2005 image depicted a male 'brown dog tick',
A young girl testing blood glucose
The woman pictured here, was about to check her bl
Xenopsylla cheopis, the oriental rat flea, is show
This 1950s historical photograph was provided by t
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6355)
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