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This photograph shows CDC virologists Herta Wulff,
Wearing head-lamps to light their way through this
Provided by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC)
This historic image was provided by the Center for
This image was created during an investigation int
This image was captured on one of the Centers for
Published in the 'Public Health Bulletin', No. 262
This 1950s historical photograph was provided by t
This 2006 photograph depicted a female Aedes aegyp
This 1970 photograph depicts librarian, Evelyne Co
With a newly-obtained fiery red blood meal visible
Published in the 'Public Health Bulletin', No. 262
An oblique view of Centers for Disease Control and
Provided by the Center for Disease Control's (CDC)
This photograph showed a CDC chemist, Ella Samanda
This photograph showed Division of Creative Servic
This historical photograph, provided by the Center
A CDC laboratory technician is shown here sorting,
In this 2007 image, a Centers for Disease Control
This historic image, provided by the Center for Di
This historical image, which was provided by the C
This 1975 image depicted World Health Organization
On the Centers for Disease Control's (CDC) Roybal
This 2007 photograph depicts CDC contractor Amanda
An aerial view of the CDC Clifton Road, Atlanta, G
This image shows the hands of a Centers for Diseas
A CDC scientist conducts laboratory research in th
Created by CDC microbiologist Cynthia Goldsmith, t
This is the Osborne 1, a 'laptop' computer first u
This was Joseph E. McDade, Ph.D., CDC epidemiologi
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