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The Nene goose in Hawaii.
Birds, birds, birds on the lake
Emperor Goose on Water
Canada geese by Doug Racine
Canada geese and goslings
Snow Geese on Sand Lake NWR
2011 Greenwing Day - Decoy Setup Session
Habitat for ducks and geese on a restored wetland
geese at sunrise
Canada geese in Impacted Portion of Yellowstone River
Canada Geese
Waterfowl at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
Brant at Izembek Lagoon
Flooded croplands near Gueydan, Louisiana attract
auto tour sights
Snow Goose Telemetry
Brant at Izembek Lagoon
Cackling goose goslings
 Resident Canada Geese - the ones who 'forget' to fly home for the summer. Resident Canada Geese put additional stress on the Chesapeake Bay ecosystem.
A mixed flock - 4
Waterfowl at Quivira National Wildlife Refuge
Cackling geese at Izembek Lagoon
Canada Goose in flight
Snow Geese (Chen hyperborea)  south of Burns.
Brant at Izembek Lagoon
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