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The nurse in this 2006 image was in the process of
The 3-year old boy shown in this 2006 image, as we
This image depicts a box containing ten prefilled
Photographed here in this 2006 image, was a middle
This was a young Indian child who was reported to
This 2000 photograph depicted a group of children
This signage represented the national symbol for t
This 2000 photograph depicted a mother holding her
Administration of a vaccine during the 1976 New Je
In this 2006 photograph, a middle-aged woman was r
An aerial view of a crowd surrounding a massive ci
A young child undergoing immunization with a jet i
A child receiving a polio vaccine
As you can see here, monkeys, as well as people, f
The Stop Transmission of Polio (STOP) Initiative w
As team members of the STOP Transmission of Polio
Revealed in this 2000 photograph was one of the ma
This image depicts a line of people each awaiting
People standing in line at a polio immunization st
This Bangladesh volunteer smallpox eradication tea
Depicted in this 2000 photograph were Indian healt
The Indian city of Varanasi is situated on the ban
A jet injector gun being used at an immunization c
This child is receiving a Jet-Injector� gun inje
This 2000 image depicted a health care worker mark
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