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Making art out of recyclables
Under a magnification of 3418x, this colorized sca
This negative stained transmission electron microg
389 011 005
Airplane Brake Shoe
Under a magnification of 3418x, this scanning elec
Histopathology provides rapid diagnosis
This is a Bio-Bag� (Type C) zip lock bag made by
A Heart done by words outline
From 1952, this illustrative panel, depicting two
This individual was demonstrating the types of pro
Oyster bagging
Technology creates facial prostheses for wounded warriors
Corps park rangers train for self defense
 This tiny spiny puffer fish was caught in a neuston net tow.  Many juvenile fish  live in clumps of sargassum weed, a type of marine algae that lives its whole life floating at the oceans surface.
A photomicrograph of skeletal muscle tissue reveal
This historic image, provided by the Center for Di
Children's shoes
#17 - U.S. Supports Ray Proposals
Insertion/extraction training
A 1:8 live steam scale model of a VR Class Vr1 type 0-6-0 tank locomotive from 1914. Suomi:  Vr1-höyryveturista 1:8-mittakaavaan tehty pienoismalli
Advanced Measurement Laboratory; Nanofabrication Facility; Chip Ovens
Under epi-illumination mode, which provides illumi
Blood Research: Saving Lives (8419)
Blood test
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