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A winter landscape
A spider web
A great horned owl
Spraying pesticides on lettuce
A winter landscape of Mt. Hood
Sunset over the desert
Sandstone mesas at Arizona's Monument Valley
Canada geese and a sunset
A fall mountain and lake landscape
Snow on trees, mountains; Sierra Nevada Mountain R
Farm pond landscape
A snow covered tree
Sunset over a lake
A short eared owl
Mt. Rainier landscape
An old barn
Drip irrigation is an excellent way to conserve wa
A sunset above water
Riparian buffer along Bear Creek, in Story County,
Scenic view of Mt. Hood, Oregon.
Sunset in South Dakota
Marsh at sunset in Moody County, South Dakota.
The Snake River flows outside Jackson, Wyoming.
Snowy owl.
A pair of mule deer
Sunrise in Arkansas.
Native grasses and trees in a conservation buffer
Sunset over lake in eastern South Dakota.
Canada geese.
Snow cleared from roadway, on mountains; Sierra Ne
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