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Most Popular Capitol Public Domain Files:

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Secretary Clinton With House Speaker Nancy Pelosi
A Sacramento spirited performance by the Corps-Aliers
The Constitutional Convention, 1787
Justice and History Sculpture
Golden Spike
Presidential Inauguration
Apotheosis of Washington: Marine
To all those who have served, thank you. Happy Veterans Day.
Audience at the Court of Ferdinand and Isabella (1492)
Car of History Clock
Capitol Christmas Tree 2013
Iron Foundry of Janes & Kirtland Used to Cast Iron for Dome
Snow at the U.S. Capitol Building
Iron Foundry, circa 1850
The Missouri River separates agriculture from the
United States Capitol - 1846
Senate Bronze Doors
Amateis bronze doors
Discovery of Gold in California
Cherry Blossoms in Bloom in Senate Park
Declaration of Independence
Hammurabi (fl. c. 1792-1750 B.C.)
Chilly inauguration preparations
Louisiana Purchase, 1803
Early House of Representatives Chamber (artist representation)
Bust of Thurgood Marshall
The U.S. Capitol - Circa 1830
U.S. Capitol Dome
Rosa Parks Statue
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