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Leg Lamp - A Major Award
Label with string
Animated Snow Globe
This 2007 photograph depicts CDC Guest Researcher,
Morse Code Key
Day Calendar
HTML file icon
At her desk, and seated in her wheelchair, this mo
CHARMM, Chemistry at Harvard Molecular Mechanics
Scripted Month Calendar
Hammurabi (fl. c. 1792-1750 B.C.)
This 2007 photograph depicts CDC Guest Researcher,
460 016 003
475 001 006
Ball-and-stick model of the anti conformer of the S enantiomer of the 2-bromo-1-chloropropane molecule, C3H6BrCl. The anti conformation predominates in the liquid state, and the molecule crystallises in this conformation, too. Colour code:  Carbon, C: gre
Text file icon
Animated Colored Snow Globe
Tax filing tips
Justinian I (c. 483-565)
Heart Smiley Face
QR code user at Ding Darling Refuge
Working 'down in the hole'
Virtual Cybernetic Building Test Bed
Postbox label 'No advertisements, no canvassing' (german)
Postbox label 'No advertisements' (german)
Airman crafts digital artwork for computer log-in scripts
38F Force Support badge
Garrett Gee Shares His Experience as a Presenter
Scanning QR codes at Ding Darling Refuge
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