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Purdue University
A canister decontamination system vessel is crane-lifted into the High-Level Waste Facility
DOE Secretary Chu Tours Hanford's Large Scale Integrated Test Facility
A 140-foot long pipe spool is crane-lifted into the High-Level Waste Facility filter cave
A tanker truck dispenses caustic into C-104, the third of three tanks now in the process of active solid waste retrieval.
Next generation of slurry pump aims to improve retrieval operations reliability
The glass former silos will hold glass forming agents that will be mixed with waste
Retrievals continue in tanks C-112 and C-108
Desert landscape surrounds the Waste Treatment Plant
Retrievals in C-107 (October 2011)
Tank C-107 MARS Sluicing Containment Box
A 140-foot long pipe spool is lowered into the High-Level Waste Facility filter cave
SY Farm Transfer Line Project Nears Completion
Green Day Banner
The Pretreatment Facility control room building pad (foreground) and the Low-Activity Waste Facility (background)
A Waste Treatment Plant employee cuts a piece of duct in the Analytical Laboratory
Piperacks are installed between the High-Level Waste and Low-Activity Waste facilities
Chris Irwin and Malcolm Unsworth discuss CenterPoints Smart Grid Investment Grant
Vertical Reach Sluicer (VRS) Testing
The southeastern exterior corner of the High-Level Waste Facility
WSU students help design telescoping camera platform to take pics in Hanford's underground storage tanks
Arizona State University
Smart Grid Investment Grant Project Manager Don Macdonald meets million meter customer Craig Funni
Poneman Vit Plant Visit 06-14-10-2
Poneman Vit Plant Visit 06-14-10-23
Team Canada
Florida International
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