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Sunset over a lake
Capitol Reflecting Pool
Sunset over lake in eastern South Dakota.
Eastern Wild Turkey
Canadian geese rest confortably in wetlands on Mar
This colorized transmission electron micrograph (T
Diamondback Terrapin
Lesser prairie chicken in Eastern New Mexico.
This is a venomous 'Eastern diamondback' rattlesna
View from the Refuge Road
Oriental dancer smiling
This photograph depicts a dorsal view of an engorg
This is a venomous 'Eastern diamondback' rattlesna
Win with Wind
Sunset in Eastern South Dakota
Vintage train helps improve fish passage
Bighorn sheep in the Connor Creek watershed in eastern Oregon.
This 2005 image depicted a 'timber rattlesnake', C
This photograph depicts a dorsal view of a female
A Florida cottonmouth snake
On track for restoration
Eastern Cottontail
Ελληνικά:  Έμβλημα της δυναστείας των Παλαιολόγων Latina:  Signum Palaiologii Emblem of the Palaiologos Dynasty (1400s) The double-headed eagle with the sympilema (dynastic cypher) of the Palaiologoi in the center
This is a 'Carolina pygmy' rattlesnake, Sistrurus
Time for bed!
Diamondback Terrapin
Photo of the Week - Eastern Bluebird (MA)
Burrowing owl in eastern New Mexico.
Roundabout Traffic Sign
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