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Sunset and clouds
Light Goose Migration
Yin yang
Christmas church
Coyote in hoar frost on Seedskadee NWR 1
Palm tree at sunset
Couple Walks in a Park
This historic diagram, which had been digitally en
Arctic Warriors join battle against MS
Ring necked Pheasant Roosters in Big Bluestem 1
Coyote in hoar frost on Seedskadee NWR 2
This photograph depicts a male bicyclist, who was
This male bicyclist was spending some time on a be
Adam & Eve Sad
Hempstead Heath – Fine Evening, oil on cardboard painting by John Constable, 1820, long-term loan to the Dayton Art Institute
At her desk, and seated in her wheelchair, this mo
This 2000 image depicted an elderly woman filling
This 2000 image depicted a universally-designed, r
Mix and serve, this delicious Banana Yogurt Shake,
Winter landscape
Orange sky
Blurred waves
The Orchard and the Trees
This 1988 image depicted a man seated in his motor
Night mission
This 2000 image depicted a woman seated in her whe
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