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This historic 1963 photograph depicted a lab techn
This 2007 photograph depicts CDC contractor Amanda
Renee Galloway, a microbiologist in the Centers fo
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Simple Gels for Outlines
Carter'Untitled, (2006 #28)'32.5 x 37.5, white and black acrylic ink,black and white acrylic paint, pencil,synthetic hair, gel medium and paper on paper
This historic image from 1963 depicts a starch blo
Refractive Gels for Outlines
PCR process
Cell Scaffolding
Agar gel reactions of Actinomyces sp., strains X-4
Bioreactor Schema
This photograph showed two students from Wesleyan
Double immunodiffusion in agar gel illustrating th
393 048 001
Shake Gel
A lab study involving agar gel reactions of Actino
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