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This is a high-tech, orally-administered electroni
This 1963 poster featured CDC's national symbol of
The Seine River flows through Paris, the capital c
This photograph shows a patient having his blood p
Bandaged arm from vaccination
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
This image was captured on one of the Centers for
This image depicts a class in session, the purpose
The man pictured here from a lower-left anterior-o
A girl performing a glucose test
Mosquito larvae
The two older women pictured here on the wooden fl
Depicted in this still life, are items associated
Two aspects of public health concern are in eviden
This 1963 poster featured CDC's national symbol of
Photomicrograph of Penicillium fungus
World War II poster
The blacklegged ticks, I. pacificus, (depicted her
This image depicts a man with diabetes in the fore
In her right hand, this woman was holding an amber
This photograph depicts a young diabetic girl who
This image depicts a person with diabetes in the f
A woman washing apples
Future dentists confer
This image reveals a blood droplet atop the left t
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