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Head of a Woman, oil on canvas painting by Jean Jacques Henner, c. 1900, Dayton Art Institute
Dream of Italy, oil on canvas painting by William Louis Sonntag, 1859, Dayton Art Institute
Porto Venere, Spezia, Italy, oil on canvas painting by William Stanley Haseltine, 1878, Dayton Art Institute
Living Large -- Argonne's First Computer
'Scene in Yosemite Valley', oil on canvas painting by Albert Bierstadt, c. 1864-74, Dayton Art Institute
The Immaculate Conception, oil on canvas painting by Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, c. 1670-80, Dayton Art Institute
Here, CDC employee, Terry Giles (left), was shown
Myan Ruins, Yucatan, oil on canvas painting by Robert Scott Duncanson, 1848, Dayton Art Institute
Physician and patient
Quantum Computing; Ion Trapping
This image showed Robyn Morgan, of the National Ce
This 2005 photograph, taken at a CDC blood pressur
Officials offer tips to help children develop healthy habits
Circe Mulling Wine, oil on canvas painting by Gioacchino Assereto, c. 1630, Dayton Art Institute
This 1947 photograph was provided by the Center fo
stop rx abuse-preview small
Here, CDC employee, Robyn Morgan (left), was shown
Two aspects of public health concern are in eviden
An Italianate Landscape with Ruins and an Artist Sketching, oil on canvas painting by Bartholomeus Breenbergh, c. 1643, Dayton Art Institute
NIST Dexterous Manipulation Testbed
Hempstead Heath – Fine Evening, oil on cardboard painting by John Constable, 1820, long-term loan to the Dayton Art Institute
Landscape, oil on canvas painting by Georges Michel, c. 1840, Dayton Art Institute
This image depicts a man with diabetes in the fore
Diamondback Terrapin
Real-time Quality Control for Welding
This 1950s historical photograph was provided by t
Carbon Nanotubes
Landscape with Birds, oil painting by Roelant Savery, 1620, Dayton Art Institute
The Lamentation of Christ, oil on wood panel painting by Abraham Janssen van Nuyssen, 1660-1604, Dayton Art Institute
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