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Under a low magnification of 23X, this scanning el
167 023 001
 Rawinsonde weather balloon just after launch.  Notice a parachute in the center of the string and a small instrument box at the end. After release it measures many parameters. These include temperature, relative humidity, pressure, and wind speed. This i
Need solar power
Christopher Blackburn
Combat arms training
This scanning electron micrograph (SEM), highly ma
Frieze of American History - U.S. Capitol
Protective measures having been taken by a careful
Young Mojave Desert Tortoise
Working dog receives 'canine' treatment
This historic image depicted a laboratorian as she
A closer view of PHIL 9550 showed these men wearin
Mojave Desert Tortoise
Bluethroat Male
Battlefield detectives fight with fingerprints
Kilogram (gold)
Bluethroat male
This photograph depicts a typical mosquito egg raf
Magnified 675X, this photomicrograph revealed the
Brain Sensor
retort stand and thermometer
Monitoring the Weather
Black-footed Ferret Release
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