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Vitruvian man style illustration
Card Suits, Angelic or Devilish
maiden with long hair
Naked Lady and Castle
Baby under the towel
Plucked penguin
Man in Bathrobe 2
Cupid and Girls
463 018 001
Naked broomrape  Orobanche uniflora  Wildflower
At double the magnification of PHIL #9239, this 20
hunk 2
This 2006 scanning electron micrograph (SEM), unde
At a low magnification of 299x, this 2006 scanning
Magnified 598x, this 2006 scanning electron microg
Black light inspection
Medium shot of Naked Broomrape wildflowers (Orobanche Uniflora).
Farshot of Naked Broomrape wildflowers (Orobanche Uniflora).
Closeup shot of Naked Broomrape wildflowers (Orobanche Uniflora).
Naked Eriogonum (Eriogonum nudum) along Highway 227 a few miles east of Trail, OR.
Man in Bathrobe
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