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Guitar headstock
Nanoscale Ductility
Physical therapy
Balad radiologists scan to save lives
Ruddy Duck (Oxyura jamaicensis)
This illustration depicts a right lateral, or side
Physical therapy keeps Airmen fit to fight
Condor underside
The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus erithacus). side of head and neck.
White-tailed deer
 Steve Amstrup of USFWS with large sedated polar bear  - Ursus maritimus. Bears were measured and tagged for future study.  This sedated male was ready for the WWF with a 45 inch neck and weighing about 1400 pounds.
Viewing damage at Sachuest Point (RI)
Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge controlled burn
Two in the neck
Attwater's prairie chicken
California Brown Pelican
Freezemark on neck of wild horse provides unique identification.
California condor
Canada Geese (Branta canadensis)
Wounded warrior gets perfect fit
Mark Heath
Great egret
Fix 'em up, send 'em out
From the 'Illustrated Manual for the Recognition a
American, Afghan docs begin surgical process for young burn victims
This historical 1943 image, which was provided by
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