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Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Wilma relief
Northern Lights
This 2000 photograph, provided by Chris Zahniser,
Union Flag
This 2000 image of the Taj Mahal monument in Agra,
This 2000 image depicted family members from the r
The young child pictured here in this 2000 photogr
Northern Spotted Owl
This image, which depicted a beautiful sunset glis
This 2000 image depicted two Indian children who w
Comprised primarily of children, this crowd of loc
This 2000 photograph depicted a gathering of both
In this 2000 image, provided by Chris Zahniser, B.
This 2000 image depicted public health practitione
This 2000 photograph depicted a girl who'd been su
This 2000 photograph depicted a number of health c
This 2000 image depicted Christine Zahniser, B.S.N
Humanitarian relief supplies
This 2000 image depicted a group of Indian childre
The edge
This 2000 photograph depicted Surveillance Medical
Following each National Immunization Day (NID), a
This 2000 photograph depicted two large trucks, th
Northern Lights
This 2000 image of the Taj Mahal monument in Agra,
This is one of a series of three photographs (PHIL
Vernal pool wetlands
Northern Lights
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