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Blue eye detail
Optical Illusion (4)
Lasers may aid missile defense, engine crack detection
Woman and glasses
408 001 008
Optical lattice
Frequency Brush
The Webb Telescope's 'Golden Spider'
Optical media background
tango drive optical
Ultracold atoms
A photograph of the en:QUaD telescope inside its groundshield taken from a crane above the telescope. The telescope structure consists of a en:cassegrain optical system mated to the existing DASI mount surrounded by a reflective groundshield which limits
Mass Weddings. NIST's New Efficient 2-Photon Source
Optical Illusion (2)
tango media optical
Optical Illusion 2
408 034 001
it-disk-line drawing
Fire Alarm
Optical atomic clock
Transparent coating repels water, could reduce corrosion
Red green and blue eye
Magnetic Sensor
271 009 007
282 032 002
396 081 001
Atomic Clock; Optical Tubes
400 002 022
Green eye detail
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