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Spring 2008, Targeted cleanup near Aerovox shoreline
September 2012, Excavation continues in Silver Lake, Pittsfield, MA
Barnacle-covered Radiator
Spring 2002, A raw glimpse into the past
January 15, 2013 - Dive team collects passive sampler, Lower Duwamish River, WA
February 2001, Early Action cleanup of PCB contaminated shoreline soils and sediment, Acushnet River, Mass
2001, EPA and NSTAR begin to relocate power cables across harbor
September 14, 2011 Trucks are loaded with debris at the Aerovox demolition site
Human Milk Contaminant SRM
Summer 2000, EPA tests dredging technology
January 15, 2013 - Getting on target, Lower Duwamish River, WA
Spring 2002, oil boom to protect the harbor during vessel demolition
Summer 2000, Bird's eye view of dredge, pipeline, Pierce Mill Cove and Sawyer Street
October 2009, Used oil boom is collected for proper disposal
August 2012, What's at the bottom of a harbor near you?
August 2009, Historical detective work
November 2009, Working the longest day possible for a successful season
The final combined sewer overflow outlet
(Earlier photo) July 2000, View of Woods Pond, October Mountain
Spring 2002, wooden sail boat awaits removal
August 2009, Sunken treasure?
August 2012, Local crew empty filter presses, New Bedford Harbor cleanup
The Aerovox Mill, Upper New Bedford Harbor
November 14, 2011 The Aerovox Mill demolition is nearly complete!
2003, Construction of EPA de-watering cleanup facility
March 2001, Carefully replanting the cleanup area
New Bedford Harbor Fish Consumption Limits, Massachusetts
June 2003, the de-watering facility ready for the start of full scale dredging in 2004
December 2009, washing the filter press cloths
Winter 2003, Loading contaminated sediment for removal
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