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Anatomy high-tech
Woman pointing at a computer
This 2006 photograph depicted a lateral view of an
This image showed Robyn Morgan, of the National Ce
Woman taking temperature
Woman behind laptop
Firefighters extinguishing a fire
A family enjoying the outdoors
This 2006 photograph depicted a frontal view of an
Woman on a treadmill
The Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Here, two young children were at a dining table, u
This colorized negative-stained transmission elect
Friendly customer service
Woman and a red scarf
Young girl opening a door
A young girl eating bread
Baby with a laptop
Proud parents
Thumbs up
A ray of hope
A young woman stretching before exercise
Connie Alfred (left), of the National Center for I
Women gymnasts compete in tri-meet
This 2000 image of the Taj Mahal monument in Agra,
Nurse giving an injection
A man using a laptop
This image depicts a group of healthcare workers s
This image depicts a group of healthcare workers s
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