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praying hands
Praying hands
Praying Skeleton
Candle lighting
girl praying
Praying woman
Unique Visitor
Outstretched cupped hands
Books in church
christian life saving rules
Woman praying
A hungry praying mantis
270 090 001
Young woman praying
Simple Mosque
Asking for Pardon
Prayer wheels
Memorial Day observances
Former Airman competes in veterans Wheelchair Games
Religious support teams help heal invisible wounds
Chaplain Perry
Solemn ritual
Thunderbird returns to Nellis for final farewell
In his honor: Street named for Airmen killed in action
In this historic image, one of the "Sisters o
Guard chaplains minister to wounded troops
American servicemembers help bring education to Afghan community
 Praying mantis, Stagmomantis carolina (Johannson).
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