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Magnified 1125X, this photomicrograph revealed the
Young woman with green apple
This Petri dish culture containing Sabouraud dextr
Onion isolated
Air Force launches multiple satellites on Atlas V rocket
green single arrows set
394 035 001
Girl with green apple
The two test tubes depicted here were being used t
270 009 003
American servicemembers, helicopters deploy to Haiti
Photographed by Harvard University, Dept. of Envir
In this 1998 image, a wheelchair-seated woman was
Under a very high magnification of 25000X, this co
Cookie drive delivers holiday warmth during Alaskan winter
Baseball season ender
This image depicts a Petri dish containing an agar
Red poppy flower
Black white red butterfly
Red hibiscus
Morning glory flower
Blue-winged teal-drake
Fish forming letter M
164 014 003
Close up of dandelion
390 002 008
This photograph depicts a single 15ml conical-base
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