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This 2006 photograph depicted a female Aedes aegyp
Under a high magnification of 1200X, this Brown an
This photomicrograph of a Gimenez-stained yolk sac
Under a magnification of 970x, this Gram-stain pho
Under a magnification of 250X, this Sudan III-stai
 Researcher Susan Chivers taking a tissue sample from a young gray whale stranded on the central California coast.  Tissue sample analysis provides valuable data about the life history of gray whales.
Bio Threats: FDA's A-Team (6318)
This scanning electron micrograph (SEM), highly ma
This micrograph depicted details seen in a lung ti
Under a moderately-high magnification of 250X, thi
Magnified 1125X, this photomicrograph revealed mor
374 008 002
This fluorescent stained micrograph of fox brain t
This historic 1964 photograph depicted laboratoria
Under a high magnification of 400X, this hematoxyl
Analyze this
Magnified 125X, "digested", then stained
Magnified 562X, this photomicrograph, stained usin
Electron micrograph of a Listeria bacterium in tis
BRAVA team
Under a very low magnification of only 25X, this p
Under a magnification of 125X, this hematoxylin-eo
Under a magnification of 500X, this photomicrograp
This micrograph was stained using a fluorescent an
Under a magnification of 100X, this hematoxylin-eo
Under a relatively high magnification of 1200X, th
Under a relatively high magnification of 1200X, th
This photomicrograph depicted numbers of Strongylo
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