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Coral reef survey off coast of Puerto Rico
May, 2012 Monitoring water conditions on the ocean floor
May 2012, Extra precautions in polluted water
May 2012, Trying not to disturb contaminated sediment
'Talking' underwater to safely collect samples
August 7, 2012 Surrounded by Pollock!
July 26, 2012 Elwha Dam Removal, diver's hand next to a Sunflower star
Handing off the samples at the Pacific Sound Resources cleanup site
July 26, 2012 Tough, but expected visibility for Elwha River Study
July 26, 2012 Studying impacts to bottom habitats
EPA diver samples Mississippi Delta near Philipp, MS
July 26, 2012 At the mouth of the Elwha River
May 2012, EPA divers work from EPA Vessel 'Monitor'
July 26, 2012 Edge of silt plume visible, Olympic Mountains in background
May 2012, Diving blind with a 'blackout mask'
November 13, 2012, Duwamish River, WA Sampling
May 2012, EPA Dive Training
May 2012, EPA divers survey oil platforms for invasive species
(Earlier photo) April 2011, EPA Diver collects sediment sample Wycoff Superfund Site
May 2012, Practicing air rescue
May 2012, Divers help investigate potential cleanup needs in Claremont, NH
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